vilnius-getting-here-vilnius-international-airportr-photo-leif-almoVilnius is a town of progress when it comes to infrastructure. It’s easy to reach from wherever you come no matter how you are getting here.

By air
You may be one of the 1.2 million passengers arriving in one of the 310 regular flights per week, whatsoever theVilnius International Airport (VNO) is very close to the city only 10 km/7 mi or about 10-15 minutes driving distance from the centre.
When you have arrived, there are several possibilities to reach the city one way or another. Outside the airport several buses are at your service. Buses No. 1 & 2 will  take you to the centre (the first one to the train station, No. 2 goes to the city centre).
Buy your ticket at a newsstand, on board it will cost a little more…

There is also a train connection between the airport and the main Railway Station.

Other possibilities are minibus service and taxis outside the Arrival Terminal hall. Here you will find the licensed taxis in line waiting for you. Don’t wait to be picked up by a taxi driver in the hall, go outside and pick one in the line your self. As in all other major cities the licensed taxi are the most reliable and safe. In the city it’s advisable to buy a phone card and order a taxi; this will reduce your costs
Alongside busses and taxis are the smaller minibuses. These can be stopped anywhere and goes on pre designed routes. Usually they have the same number as the ordinary buses. Tickets for these minibuses can only be purchase from the minibus driver.

By train – JSC (Lithuanian Railway)
Entering Vilnius by train you will head Vilnius Railway Station, which is located at Gelezinkelio Stotis, Gelezinkelio 16. Since the bus station is next to the railway station, it’s easy to go on with your journey from the here.

By car
If your choice of getting here is by car you will enter the city by some of the roads below. Coming from:
Kaunas–Klaipėda,  E271 (A1)
Panevėžys,  E272 (A2)
Minskas,   P28 (A3)
Gardinas,  P42 (A4)
Utena,   No.101 local way
Ignalina–Zarasai,  No. 102 local way
Šalčininkai–Lyda,  No. 104 (P40) local way

By coach
Arriving by coach and you will end up in the middle of a communication hub. The coach station is just next to the railway station and here you also find taxis. Before sitting in, agree on a price in advance of journey and be sure the meter is switched on.

Main Post Office
The Vilnius main post office is to be found at Gedimino pr. 7.