As an up to date and well-organised city, Vilnius is straight forward to get about. Besides the ordinary transportation system known to most people, you will also find trolleybuses and minibuses operating the city. Tickets for buses and trolleys can be purchased at a lot of newspaper kiosks. For a ride in a minibus you pay directly to the minibus driver.


You can easily pick a taxi from the street or at ranks at the railway and bus station or in the old town of Vilnius. It’s advisable however (it will be both cheaper and safer) to order a taxi by phone. A hotel receptionist will gladly do it for you; you can also buy a telephone card and make a call from a public telephone. There are many local taxi companies operating in town. Before sitting in, agree a price in advance of journey and be sure the meter is switched on.


There are numerous of trolley buses operating Vilnius. Here you can have the somehow unique possibility to travel with trolleys, a trolley bus is a bus powered by overhead electric connections, the buses don’t run on tracks like trams but on wheels, they are silent and comfortable and do not pullute the city air. At rush hour you just have to wait a couple of minutes before there is one in sight. The routes of the trolleybuses are in the city itself and not in the outskirts.

Buses are operating all over the town at fairly reasonable prices and are easy to catch. During rush hour the buses are much occupied so get hold of being squashed but that’s what’s to expect in a capital at rush hours isn’t it.

Minibuses can be stopped anywhere in the street; they go on pre-designed routes. Usually they have the same number as the ordinary buses. Tickets for these minibuses can only be purchased from the driver. Divers stop at your request only, so do not forget to tell them in advance where you want to get off.

The public transport service is available from 4 a.m. until midnight. Electronic tickets (Elektroninis bilietas) are in use for a one, three, or ten days, as well as for a month. The price for a single ticket bought on the bus/trolley is slightly higher than for one purchased in a newspaper stand. There is also a different tariff on night buses.

Horse/Sledges Carriage
In Vilnius you can do something very romantic and nice in summertime; that is riding in a carriage round Vilnius, that’s very nice when it’s warm outside but what in winters; well you can do the same thing but now in a warm cosy sledge.