Europos Parkas (Open air museum of the centre of Europe)
If you get lost when in Lithuania don’t panic. Just take a nice little trip to the great open-air museum located about 20 minutes from Vilnius. Here you will find a monument by Gintaras Karpas at the very spot of the geographical centre of Europe. On this monument you will find the name the direction and the distance to every European capitals, so how far is your capital from here? And in what direction you may wonder?


This marvellous park is one of the most visited in Lithuania, and was founded in 1991 by the Lithuanian sculptor Gintaras Karosa to attend the geographic centre of Europe. Here you can stroll peacefully on 55 hectares in a very expressive landscape and enjoy works coming from more than 27 countries in the world and from artists such as Abakanowicz, Oppenheim and LeWitt. All this embedded in woodlands and scattered countryside with beautiful natural springs ensures you a tour of great satisfaction. Romantic strolls with or without children in these surroundings is a must.

This enjoyment of the countryside along with cultural pleasure also contains a world record registered in the Guinness Book of World Records.
It’s the more than 3 000 TV set big “three” standing here in all of its splendour. Nothing is told about the remote controls however.

This extraordinary open-air museum has guided tours conducted in English, Russian and Lithuanian. The museum is open daily from 9:00 am to sunset.