It’s almost impossible to go hungry in Vilnius. The town has a lot of exciting delicious restaurants and food establishments.
The cuisine is of course very international but host a very cosy atmosphere.  The range of restaurants that can be found here is very good.

The location of Vilnius in Eastern Europe also makes an impression of the delightful food served here, and of course the influences from its neighbours is very legible.


Not surprisingly one of the many specialities in Vilnius is bigos. Bigos is a traditional stew typical for the Lithuanian cuisine that reminds of the German Sauerkraut although typically richer, less sour, and differently seasoned. The recipes vary considerably from region to region and family to family. Ingredients include fresh and fermented white cabbage, tomatoes, different cuts of meat and sausages, honey and even mushrooms. The meats may include ham, bacon, beef and veal. Bigos is usually eaten with bread and potatoes, often come with vodka or dry white wine; many though prefer the dish with chilly cooled local beer. If you have had bigos in Poland or elsewhere, it’s a must to try the Lithuanian one in Vilnius, I guarantee it will taste different from that of other countries.