vilnius-enjoy-attractions-old-town-photo-leif-almoHow about a walk around in one of the largest old towns in the Eastern and Middle Europe.

You have more than 1,200 buildings in this magnificent “live museum” at your service. Due to the hills and bends in the landscape and the willingness to build a town fitting into this geographic scenery the old town of Vilnius is a maze of irregular streets going up and down; even the houses bower according to the curves of the street.

The town is filled with exiting squares and majestic churches, synagogues and monasteries. Not surprisingly the cobbled stone streets and alleys housing many exotic shops filled with local souvenirs and handicraft’s attracts many visitors.

Vilnius Old Town is one of the largest surviving medieval old towns in Northern Europe, and has an area of 3.59 square kilometres (887 acres). It encompasses 74 quarters, with 70 streets and lanes numbering 1487 buildings with a total floor area of 1,497,000 square meters.