Our goal with Vilnius.com is to develop a first class marketing platform for business and tourism that will present a first class capital to the world.
One of the sponsors of Vilnius.com is Scandnet AB, a company in the city of Malmo,Sweden. The CEO of Scandnet AB Leif Almo is an experienced business man that has been working in all the five continents and has visited Vilnius and Lithuania several times. Leif Almo is since 1976 specialized in business development, international marketing but also city  profiling.
Behind Vilnius.com is an experienced team of  marketers and web developers fromScandnet AB. Since 1995 the company market and develop websites like www.copenhagen.com and www.malmo.com but is also developing regional province platforms.

All photos on this page by Raimundas Okunis, Vilnius.